News & Views Oct 17, 2004

wake-up call

A 50-something author takes a sassy look at menopause.

Nancy Blair, 52, likens hot flashes to "four Chihuahuas camped out in my stomach who seem to get really ticked off at very unpredictable times."  Read more...

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Nancy Blair's new book:

Thank You, Your Opinion
Means Nothing To Me

"Nancy's book is a midlife gift of wisdom, wisecracks and humor with endearing moments of passion and above all, love. The kind of memoir women will read with enthusiasm and want to share with their 'chosen tribe'."

~Olympia Dukakis

“This is not your mother’s menopause. Blair’s tone is both brazen and New Age
. . . baby boomers will relate.”

~ Publishers Weekly

  I absolutely LOVED this book! I'm a twenty-six year old female and far from menopause, but this isn't just about menopause, it's about life and learning to deal with, and accept, the changes that come with it, which Blair amazingly guides the reader through. Her voice is powerful, filled with attitude and wit. Some of the crazy thoughts she shares are thoughts we all experience, but don't always talk about.

This has been one of the most inspirational books I've ever read! I slapped post-it's on just about every page so I can refer back to the quotes. Though this isn't a self-help book, the wisdom and inspiration have stuck with me more than any self-help book I've read. It has given me insight as to what to expect during menopause, how to deal with life changes, and most importantly, living in the moment. I already find myself applying the following quotes, "Only I can control my thoughts. I don't have to think about anything I don't want to. I can change my mind. Why not? Everything else is changing" and "Emotions are merely signposts. Let them guide you, but keep them out of the driver's seat."

--Rebekah D. Mercuri


"A hilarious, kooky, sexy, and healing memoir about falling in love with midlife no matter what is going on around you...or inside you!"

--Nightstar News


"Blair¹s book is hilarious and poignant. Women in their 40's and 50's will certainly get a hoot out of this book. But women in their 30¹s definitely need to read this to find out what's in store for them ahead!"

~Pamela Wyn Shannon


"Well, maybe my opinion will mean something to you. Even though I'm a guy, I thought Blair's book about her struggle with menopause and her mother's Alzheimer¹s was funny, intimate, sad and defiant. Like Spalding Gray, her wise and quirky reflections on life and love kept me laughing even when her insights were serious and shrewd"

~Gene Fellner


"Nancy Blair¹s book, Thank You-Your Opinion Means Nothing To Me, establishes her as a brave and original writer. Each vignette or slice-of-life is written with candor and sharp wit. It is a book you will want to reread for the impact of its amazing descriptive language that lifts the spirit and devilishly collides with her raw honesty and humor. The author¹s deep reverence for nature, family, and friends delights the soul. Because of Blair¹s pilgrimage, readers will learn to acknowledge the menopausal years as a time of introspection and positive changes."

~Arlyn Shannon


"What a wonderful reminder that we are connected and part of a wondrous tribe called 'women."

~Kathleen Rich New, The Executive Women's Coach

"A true story about love, healing the past, forgiveness, changes, Big Changes, and waking up to what is real and true and wonderful, one breath at a time. This is a subject that attracts constant media attention and Nancy Blair¹s story of her life and the changes that take place is an incredibly honest, moving ­ and life changing book. It will strike a chord in every reader; it stimulates rather than depresses and offers incredible insight into a life lived. A powerful autobiography about a controversial subject."

~HarperCollins Publishers Australia


"This book tickles & punches, pulls you under water so you think you'll drown & then lifts you right up & out into the buoyant zone. You'll recall the ease with which we made delicious cakes out of mudpies when we were young. I especially loved the description of menopausal yoga. Read, flex, laugh."


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